About the Event

World in Scale Contest and Show is the official event of The Modeling Club of Turkey. This is the sixth  year of this uniuqe event in Turkey. The venue will be held at Novotel, Zeytinburnu, Istanbul and it is open to all international visitors and participants.

When and Where?

6th Annual World in Scale Contest and Show will be held in Novotel Zeytinburnu Istanbul between 4th and 5th of May, 2019.

Transportation and Accommodation

Novotel is at the center of Zeytinburnu which can be reached either by taxi or light rail system. The discounted rates for visitors and contestants are as follows:

Novotel Zeytinburnu
Single room  : 50 Euro (room + breakfast)
Double room :  60 Euro (room + breakfast)

IBIS Zeytinburnu
Single room  : 35 Euro (room + breakfast)
Double room :  40 Euro (room + breakfast)

Prices include %8 VAT and breakfast.
Parking is free of charge.
For more information : https://www.novotelistanbulzeytinburnu.com/tr/

Fees and Visiting Hours

Participation fee for contestants is 20 Turkish Liras. This is a one time charge only for each modeler regardless of models he/she is bringing. The fee will be paid in cash at the registration counter, receipts will be available.

Participation is free of charge in Young Modelers Category.

Show is open for visitors between 10:00 and 17:00 on Monday, 5th of May 2019.

Venue Itinerary

SATURDAY 4.5.2019

10:00-13:00 Registration of models
14:00-18:00 Review of models by jury and contestants
18:00 Show area closes

SUNDAY  5.5.2019

10:00-13:00 Show area opens for contestants
12:00 Show area opens for visitors
13:00 Award Ceremony
16:00 Delivery of models
18:00 Show area closes

Review of Models

Review of models will be held at 4th of May 2019 Saturday between 14:00 and 18:00.

The review of models will be performed both by the jury and by contestants in Hobby and Master categories. The points earned will be contributed %50 by the jury and %50 by contestants. Contestants may review all models other than the category he/she is competing in. Contestants cannot review models in the category he/she is competing.

IMPORTANT!: It is imperative that jury and contestants follow contest guidelines in reviewing models.

Best three models of each category will be awarded. The special awards are as follows:

  • Best of Show
  • Mehmet C. ŞEKERCİOĞLU : Best Turkish Mlitary Aircraft
  • Ruhşen SAYRAÇ: Best painted model
  • Nejat DERYAKULU: Best documented model
  • Ferdi DUMAN: Best Civil Aviation Model
  • Turkish AFV Special Award
  • Civilian Vehicle Special Award